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Buying Commercial Espresso Machine for Your Business

Buying Commercial Espresso Machine for Your Business

Keep in mind that managing a successful coffee shop also depends on small but important decisions that you have to know first. Some of them relate to the budgeting process and the realization of profits. One of your first goods to invest is to buy a commercial espresso machine since it allows you to start selling and making a turnover for your venture at the same time. 

Things to consider first before purchasing a commercial espresso machine 

Knowing your commercial needs first 

You can start with your basics first since you cannot successfully start to choose a coffee machine without understanding your business needs first. It could be a determining factor when you compare the market after you narrow down your selection based on the financial budget. When you are assessing your commercial requirements, the best practice is to count how many coffee cups that you want to serve every day. The cups usually measure as an eight-ounce serving, this simple measurement also allows you to choose the best effective machine which provides you with an excellent value. The most important thing is you have to be accurate in your estimates and make sure that you can achieve this balance between your performance or value. 

How you will give respond if your coffee machine breaks down 

If you do not have a service agreement with your supplier, then your investment will come up with a warranty. The length is so varied depending on your product, but the manufacturer warranty will protect you and provide you with a replacement if your machine breaks down at a specific time. If you get a two-year warranty, then your supplier will take responsibility for any breakdown and fault which come up during this time. It means that they can fix your machine for free or just provide you with the replacement model for more serious cases. At least, your warranty gives you peace of mind when it’s the first time to invest in your machine, so you have to understand the warranty terms as well. 

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Ensure that your purchase includes a service agreement with your supplier 

Before you buy a commercial espresso machine, you need to consider to lease a coffee machine. It usually includes extra benefits including service agreement that is usually offering you a free 12-month checkup related to your machine. You should know that this feature does not always include when you buy it directly from a supplier, but it is necessary to decide the terms of your purchase properly and whether your service agreement has referenced. If there is no service agreement, you should realize that you need to take responsibility for repairs and annual check-ups as well.

Understand the importance of maintenance and cleaning process 

This article has touched the importance of having annual check-ups and maintaining your machine. This thing does only improve performance but also longevity while minimizing repair costs in the future. You need to plan your cleaning routines and techniques based on a machine that you purchase so you can get the best results. In some cases, your supplier has advised you about the best practice to clean your machine. You should know that the larger machines also come up with automatic cleaning cycles that should be performed regularly. They may take a while to complete the cleaning process. 

The repairs costs 

If you do not use the service of the independent maintenance firm, then it is necessary to understand the cost of the repair involved. You should know that the most expensive coffee machine can break from time to time, so you have to make a detailed budget for those conditions. For annual service, your cost can be so varied depending on what is provided. You can adjust the cost depending on your service level that you need since all firms will perform basic checks as well. The key is to stay calm and make your decision carefully as you make the right choice that will save you money. 

Choosing the best commercial espresso machine 

Choosing your best espresso machine is one of the most important things to build your budget, and plan your coffee program in general. In many businesses, espresso machines are the core of the coffee program as well. There are many things to know about power, water, workflow, menu, and other equipment that you will use. There are some tips on what to look for when you want to buy a commercial machine. 

The workflow and volume 

You should know the volume that you are expecting. It will affect your machine selection and what kind of brew groups that you want to have. A higher volume means that you need more groups so that many baristas can pull more shots at one. Another thing that you have to consider is how physical design can affect your counter workflow. 

Check their certifications and ratings 

One of the most common mistakes that coffee shop owners often make is to think that a machine made for home use can be used in a commercial setting. The fact is when you start a coffee business, then you need a kind of certification or at least a rated machine at minimum. Each machine that you purchase should get all those certs and ratings to be legal in your area. It never hurts to check with your local health department as well. 

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Water and electricity availability 

Keep in mind that your espresso machine needs to be included in your water line. Sometimes, power and water availability can affect your machine purchase. So, it is very necessary to know what you need and your limitations when choosing the best commercial espresso machine. There are also other things to consider when choosing the espresso machine for your business, but these concepts will tell you about the starting point first. With all these considerations, you can make a decision when purchasing your first coffee machine. It will help you to balance your budget and needs at the same time. They allow you to get a cost-effective solution to achieve your success.