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De'Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Manual Cappuccino System, Silver

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Product Description

De'Longhi ESAM 04110S Magnifica, can it make tastier and easier Espresso or Cappuchino?

Having your espresso and Cappuccino machine is a pleasure. You can quickly start your day by drinking coffee to boost your spirits. Now here comes a coffee machine to make your time more efficient. Here it is, De' Longhi ESAM 04110S Magnifica. This product is equipped with a light coffee roaster and can adjust the amount of water. Many say that this machine is good for a better and swift espresso or Cappuccino, but does it? 

Equipped with Thermo Block Technology

The Thermo Block technology is a system to extract water from the water tank, it also provides an excellent heat distribution. This system allows you to brew coffee faster. The two thermo block heating system and two pumps make this machine brew coffee and dispense water simultaneously. Another advantage of this system is you will produce coffee in the perfect proportion of water, coffee, and milk.

The Coffee Grinder Makes Espresso And Cappuccino More Flavorful

The coffee grinder at Magnifica doesn't make any noise, so you can make coffee calmly and undisturbed. Every coffee you make has the richness, density, and perfect ground of coffee. With this thermo block system, you can adjust the settings to make sure each cup of coffee is the way you want it. Enjoy every time an incredibly strong espresso, a thick cappuccino, and a soft latte with the De'Longhi ESAM 04110S machine. 

It has a professional grinder with 13 settings that you can easily adjust to grind fresh coffee and bring out the best in freshness. With just one touch, you can produce an authentic cappuccino. The manual froth system can automatically aerate milk and easily produce the soft and rich cappuccino foam.  This machine is also programmed to be able to brew rich espresso, with the perfect temperature using central control.

Incredible manual cappuccino system frother              

The function of this system is to make it easier for you, make cappuccino like in a coffee shop. By producing manual foam from the steam and milk mixing system, the foam becomes thicker, smoother, and has an even texture. This manual cappuccino system mixes steam and milk for longest-lasting foam in every cup of your cappuccino. Authentic coffee with the perfect foam makes cappuccino like barista-style in your own home.

Easy to clean and handle

De'Longhi ESAM 04110S machine is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to clean. This machine is also equipped with a warning system when this machine is dirty and crusty. it is quite simple to clean this product, you only need to remove and wash it manually with warm water so the crust crumbles. Clean at the end of the day and wash thoroughly once every week to keep the machine clean.

Making espresso and cappuccino with authentic flavors can easily be done everywhere. Because De'Longhi ESAM 04110S measures 11.2 x 16.5 x 14.4 inches and weighs only 27 pounds, you can put it in various places. So, do you need a new coffee maker that more efficient or a coffee machine with an excellent program to grind coffee properly? We are here to help. So, you can check out our shop.

Product Features

Thermo Block technology provides excellent heat distribution Integrated burr grinder with adjustable settings Consistent brewing every time Patented cappuccino system frother Compact design