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Infinity Jars 500 ml (17 fl oz) Black Ultraviolet All Glass Refillable Apothecary Jar 10-Pack

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Product Description

Infinity Jars Black (17 Fl Oz) Ultraviolet Apothecary, What Makes This Jars Special?

Having a high-quality jar that can be keeping fresh the foodstuff such as coffee beans, flour & powder, whole grains, fresh pasta, herbs, and dried fruit & vegetables will certainly help us to keep them long-lasting. For those of you who are looking for a jar that can preserve food for a long time, take a loot at infinity jars black (17 fl oz) ultraviolet apothecary. So what makes this jar better than other jars?  In this article, you can find the answer.

Equipped With Ultraviolet Glass And Laboratory Tested

Made with ultraviolet glass, this jar can keep fresh food for more than 6 months. It is because this product can withstand exposure to sunlight which can damage the dietary fibers, and only allows beneficial light to enter the bottle. It can provide very strong protection superior to other glassware. This infinity black jar (17 fl oz) Ultraviolet apothecary has also passed the Laboratory Test.

Design With An Airtight System

The exterior of this jar is made by black glass that can protect from sun exposure, this product is designed in the laboratory after years of research. This infinity jars black is an airtight and leak-proof jar that can maintain the freshness of the food inside without causing a strong odor. Capable of storing 500 ml of foodstuff and ensuring long-lasting freshness, this jar is also designed with a stylish and modern idea to make your kitchen look more stylish.

The Jar Which Has Lot Of Functions

The infinity jars black (17 fl oz) ultraviolet apothecary can help you store your food safely. When you are traveling, there is no need to worry about your food stale. Just save your food with this product, it will be ensured that your food is still in good condition and fresh. This jar has more than 100 functions, you can store many foodstuffs such as nuts, herbs, sugar, coffee beans, oats, seeds, tea leaves, dry pasta, grains, household items, and many more.

Very Easy To Carry And Easy To Move

For those of you who like long trips, this bottle is highly recommended. You can take it anywhere because the weighs are only 11.5 ounces and the high is about 7.8 " with diameters 4.3". this small size makes this product easy to fit anywhere. You can also bring it whenever you want, such as when you are on a picnic. you can put tea leaves and brew it to accompany your warm picnic.

If you love to drink herbs, you can put various types of herbs in this jar. this product will still ensure the freshness and flavor of herbs maintained, because of the airtight system that keeps all kinds of herbs dry and authentic. You can take it anywhere and drink herbs for your health whenever you want. With this product, all your need for storing food will be easier and simpler.

To store food, you usually need a place that can ensure long-lasting freshness, right? The infinity jars black (17 fl oz) ultraviolet apothecary is different from other jars. it is because this product can give you what you want. Lightproof, heavy-duty, and airtight system are already in this jar. For those of you who are interested in this product, you can check our stores.

Product Features

LABORATORY TESTED AND APPROVED, ULTRAVIOLET GLASS: Preserve and rejuvenate freshness of plant-based goods, for over 6 months! Blocks out all damaging visible light rays and only permit beneficial rays to enter. Delivers shockingly powerful and superior protection over other glassware. AIRTIGHT SEAL: Provides additional protection; blocks out air exchange. SCENT-PROOF: Heavy durable ultraviolet glass locks in aroma. Insurance against the potency of your goods from dissipating. START PRESERVING YOUR GOODS ORGANICALLY: Store goods chemical and preservative free- with confidence! INFINITY JARS 10-PACK PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each individual jar has Height 6.9"/ Diameter of Jar 3.3"/ Diameter of Opening 1.8" CAPACITY OF DRIED GOODS VARIES IN EACH CONTAINER/ HASSLE-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your Infinity Jars for a no-questions asked, full refund (minus S&H)