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Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machines 15271, Chrome

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Product Description

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machines 15271 An Expensive Product Yet Worth For Function.

From a big name in the market, JURA E8 Automatic coffee machines 15271 is one of the great products out there. One thing for sure, Jura has proven its quality throughout numerous coffee machines they have produced. But how about this particular auto E8 15271 model? Is it as good as the older model? Especially with the high price tag of 2K+ dollars, everyone will think twice to buy it. To help you decide, check out this product review.

Pulse Extraction Proces

One particular technology that Jura very proud of is the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P). It is what makes the E8 auto coffee machine different. The patented technology can create thick and frothy crema, making the extraction taste way better than the manual process. If you wonder how it could be, the answer lies in the short coffee bean extraction period. From grinding, processing, brewing, to extracting, all processes are swift to create fresh, intense, and aromatic coffee.   

Six-Level Aroma Grinder For Tastier Coffee

Talking about coffee, of course, it will mostly about the taste. How is it taste? You can say it taste amazing. The main reason this result obtained is due to the revolutionary six-level Aroma G3 grinder. Once again, this is an excellent addition to the machine. The tech ensures the unit can grind and process the coffee beans faster and fresher. Along with the P.E.P technology, both can make the making process lot faster and create tastier coffee.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machines 15271, Chrome

Easier And More Effective With The Intelligent Water System

Many people have high expectations form this expensive machine. It mostly occurs for the coffee shop or coffee lover that prefers making their cup of Coffe. A swift process and easy to use is one of the aspects that makes this machine stand out. The T.F.T. display ensures easier use and maintenance. The bean container makes the coffee fresh; it can preserve the aroma. At the same time, RFID technology makes the filter more reliable and effective for use.

Complete Design With L.E.D., Milk Frother, And Smart Connect

For the look itself, the chrome machine looks simple and suitable for all kitchen designs. With the weight of 27.1 pounds and the dimension of 17,5-inch deep x 11-inch wide x 13 inch high, the machine looks professional. Especially with all of the exclusive features in the unit. You got milk frother, smart connect, etc. this machine can create numerous specialty coffees, such as espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, etc. A perfect device for commercial use or coffee shop.

No matter the price point is, it can't be denied that this machine is on the high side. But the fact that the product comes with tons of benefits is proving that you won't lose your money. You can say that it is worth your money. It can create a great cup of coffee with the touch of a button or using your smartphone. All in all, the unit uses a lot of very advanced technology from its filter, brewer, design, even the frother to help you create a perfect coffee. check this on Amazon



Product Features

SIX-LEVEL AROMA: True and authentic coffee results are attributed to the Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine state-of-the-art technology. The unit's six-level Aroma G3 grinder preserves the coffee's delicious aroma and is capable of grinding fresh coffee beans two times faster than conventional grinders PULSE EXTRACTION PROCESS: Jura borrowed from some of the world's best baristas to engineer the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). This revolutionary technology optimizes coffee bean extraction time to allow for even short specialty coffees such as ristretto and espresso to have intensity and breadth of aromas unlike ever before CROWNING GLORY: Featuring Jura's own innovative Fine Foam Technology, the Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine invites you to indulge yourself in rich, delicious tasting coffee with the perfect layer of feather light milk foam. Call this the crowning glory of any popular specialty coffee including the latte macchiato and the cappuccino INTELLIGENT WATER SYSTEM: For automatic filter detection, the Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine is equipped with a state-of-the-art intelligent water system--now how's that for a smart coffee maker? Thanks to RFID technology, this coffee machine makes using a filter easier, more effective or more reliable over standard units JURA AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA Manufacturer Guarantee