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JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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Product Description

The Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine, is it true to make coffee faster?

We can say that coffee has become a required drink for people, whether adults or teenagers. In the morning, many people drink coffee to raise their spirits for those who love coffee and why you don't have your coffee maker to make it easier and faster. So, you can drink coffee whenever you want. It is one of the great coffee makers that can save you time. Namely, The Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine. Is that fast? Here your answer.

JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Only one touch, and you can make your coffee quickly.

With this machine, you can make various types of coffee, such as americano or caffe latte, quickly with just one touch because of this product equipped with an innovative technology that provides two time-saving features known as Jura. The two thermo block heating system and two pumps make this Jura Z8 brew coffee and dispense milk simultaneously. To make americano, you only need to combined coffee and hot water.

Can prepare 21 beverages (16 of which are programmable)

The Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine can provide 21 beverages, 16 of which can program with just one touch. You don't need to be confused about how to program it, touch the screen with a high color resolution; these features make it easier for you to read the procedure. This machine reaches the incredible capacity of a professional barista when prepares espresso and ristretto and can grind coffee without noise.

Special benefits

It is equipped with a one-touch lungo function for a light yet aromatic coffee. Besides, this product has a high-resolution 4.3 " touch screen with a sophisticated operating concept for intuitive navigation. The coffee quality is best because of the aroma milling process and pulse extraction process (PEP). With this machine, your coffee has more aroma and consistently high quality, so the taste comes out to perfection.

The Z8 is crafted from high-quality materials. In the front and top of this machine is made by 3 Millimeter thick aluminum. Chrome-plated grooved water tank and coffee spout accentuate the sculptural design. This machine also has a clear smart filter to removes chlorine, aluminum, lead, and copper from tap water. Another advantage of this product is equipped with Smart Connect, which allows connection to your smartphone or tablet to operate it.

lightweight easy to carry

This machine is lightweight and easy to bring it everywhere. You can move it in various rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and even your workspace. Measuring 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches and weighing only 1 pound makes this product easy to move because it is not too heavy and takes up space. This product not only produces delicious coffee, but this product has a nice finish that is easy to look at anywhere.

This product is straightforward to use. Besides being able to make your coffee, you can also make various drinks only one touch. For coffee lovers, having your coffee machine will be more efficient and will help you be more enthusiastic about your days. Coffee machines that produce quality and aromatic coffee will undoubtedly be sought after by many people. So, this product is what you needed.

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Product Features

Americano at the touch of a button? Simultaneous coffee and milk preparation for the fastest caffé lattes ever? The groundbreaking Z8 introduces both of these innovative technologies while providing all the best time-saving features and bean-to-cup magic that JURA is known for Two ThermoBlock heating systems and two pumps allow the Z8 to brew coffee and dispense milk simultaneously for the quickest caffé lattes yet One-Touch Americano function uses a special preparation method that combines the coffee with hot water during the extraction process, resulting in full-bodied, deliciously light, aromatic specialties brbrOffering an incredible range of specialties, the Z8 prepares 21 beverages (16 of which are programmable) with a single touch of a button on its 4 3" high-resolution color touchscreen display