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KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine Espresso Maker, Automatic Rinsing, Two Step Milk Frothing Technology, 57 Ounce, Silver

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KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine Espresso Maker Review (View on Amazon)

Talking about the most important home appliances nowadays, it seems that the coffee machine is one of them. Yes, drinking coffee is more than just a way to relax your mind and enjoy the taste. It is also a part of the lifestyle. But sure, choosing the best coffee machine is not as easy as it seems. Undeniably, so many products are available in the market but not all of them are considered the best or qualified. Sometimes, you may need to conduct a survey so that you will not choose the wrong one.

One of the recommendations comes from the brand KRUPS. KRUPS provides some featured series and the EA9010 series is what you should try. KRUP EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine and Espresso Maker comes with some great features and functions. Before buying it, here are further explanations about the design and specifications.


KRUPS EA9010 may not be as minimalist as many coffee makers available in the market. Yes, it looks simple and compact but the details added still bring the classic look on it. Some colors are produced but maybe, the most interesting one is silver. Okay, the product is not entirely silver indeed. While it is dominated by silver, the middle area is in black. The color combination is well-designed; making the product look stylish and fashionable.

The dimension itself is medium; they are around 23 x 15 x 20 inches. Besides, the item weight is only 25.6 pounds. It is lightweight enough for a coffee maker. Of course, it is particularly so if you just compare it with other products. Since you may not bring it anywhere, only place it at home, it is actually okay if the item is quite heavy. 

The buttons are placed on the upper area of the coffee maker. Rather than only giving numbers or signs on the buttons, they are images along with descriptions. It enables new users to use the products more easily. So, even if there is also a manual book available in the package, you don’t need to open it every time you want to make a cup of coffee. It is a good thing and undeniably, really practical. The total capacity is 1.7 liters, more than enough to make many cups of coffee at once.

Additionally, the coffee machine also looks strong and sturdy. There is an anti-scratch feature that makes the product more durable. So, in terms of the look and design, is the machine good and worth-buying enough? The answer is yes.

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While the design is good-looking, it doesn’t always mean that the performance is good. Meanwhile, the performance is a very important thing when you buy a product. So, how is KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine? Is the performance good enough? At least, there are some features available that may be important for you.

First, it is fully automatic. The coffee machine has a powerful performance. All steps of making coffee can be processed only in one machine from grinding to heating. One of the components applied is the conical-burr grinder with auto grinder setting and manual option. It enables you to grind coffee beans faster with more satisfying results. Of course, it is possible to choose the modes or options so that the final result is really like what you want. Besides, there is also the ThermoBlock Heating System and 15 High-Pressure Pump for a better taste of the coffee.

Second, it features a one-touch digital screen. There are even 17 recipes on it. to practice one of the recipes, you only need to press one of the buttons without needing to combine one button to another. Therefore, even if you have no experience with a coffee machine before, it is definitely not a big deal. Some of the recipes available are espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. Do you have your own recipe to apply to the coffee machine? You can just do it. Probably, for the first time using it, you need to program it first. Sure, to make this job easier, you should use the guide book as the reference.

Third, it has automatic adjustments. Different from classical coffee machines that you must tap here and there to set it up, the adjustment process in KRUPS EA9010 is easy. It adjusts automatically the right amount of ingredients to make a cup of good and tasty coffee. It is starting from the coffee quantity, grinding fineness, water temperature. the adjustment is based on the best and selected recipes. Of course, this way, the result is great also. How if you think the result is not your taste? That’s okay, next time; you can add more sugar or other ingredients based on your preference.

Fourth, the next feature is the 2-step frothing. It is also based on the selected recipe of making coffee which is said that 2-step frothing gives a better result. The product automatically froths milk in 2 steps for certain drinks. The milk has been automatically steamed and others for the best result. Sure, if you want to add or lessen the period of steaming and others, it is possible to change the mode or setup.

Lastly, the product has easy access. KRUPS EA9010 is intended not only for professionals in the coffee making industry but also for beginners. All the buttons are placed on the front part of the machine. It eases the users more when operating it particularly if you need to access key functions. The container itself has a compact size of around 8.8 ounces which is ideal to make some cups of coffee at once. The same thing is also for the container of the coffee beans and water tank. For the filtration system, it features the product from Claris. You don’t need to filter the water first before pouring it to the machine’s tank. The drink is guaranteed to be clean and hygienic.

Additionally, the product is easy to assemble and disassemble. When it comes to your house, in the package, it consists of some components. Yes, you need to assemble first based on the instructions given on the guide book. In case you want to move it and others, it is possible to disassemble to ease you in carrying it. The process even doesn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Pros and Cons KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine Espresso Maker

Overall, the product is good and highly recommended for coffee lovers and coffee makers. But sure, there is nothing perfect in the world including KRUPS EA9010. So, aside from some pros, there are some cons also. Here is the summary.

  • Pros

It is a really powerful product with good performance. It gives you a fast and convenient process in the process of coffee making. The result is also satisfying mainly if you follow the recipe given. Additionally, it still gives you the freedom to be creative with your own recipes. In other words, there is no complaint at all about the flavor.

KRUPS EA9010 is also easy to use. There is no need to spend much time just to learn about it. Even without the manual book, you can just make your own coffee by predicting the functions of buttons available. That’s a good thing for sure particularly for beginners.

You can create many types of coffee with it. That’s good mainly if you just love exploring new ideas and tastes. That’s why; if it is said that the coffee machine is recommended for experts also, that’s true. 

KRUPS EA9010 is quite practical if you want to make some cups of coffee at once. There are around 5 cups of coffee to make only by processing the ingredients once. It quite saves time.

  • Cons

The maintenance is quite difficult. There are many folded areas that cannot be reached when you are washing them. Moreover, not all components are washable. So, it is quite difficult to clean it after using the products several times. 

When it is effective enough to make coffee for around 5 people, the problem is when you want to make more than that. It means you need to repeat the process since the beginning.

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Product Features

FULLY AUTOMATIC: Cappuccino machine offers powerful performance — from even grinding to proper heating; includes metal conical-burr grinder (with auto grinder setting and manual option), Thermo Block heating system, and 15 bar high-pressure pump ONE-TOUCH DIGITAL SCREEN WITH 17 RECIPES: Make easy selections with the touch of a button; choose from espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more; fully customizable — from programming of favorites and profile to preferred drink strength AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENTS: Adjusts automatically (quantity of coffee, grinding fineness, water temperature) according to selected recipe to ensure the best results for every option 2-STEP FROTHING: Automatically froths milk in 2 steps for making delicious milk-based coffee drinks like a pro; automatic steam-nozzle cleaning for ultimate convenience USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: 100% frontal operation for easy access to key functions; compact size with 8.8 oz. coffee bean container and 56 oz. / 1.7 L. water tank; Claris water filtration system; no need to ever clean inside of unit Included components: item, instructions, warranty

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