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Things to Know about Ceramic Knife and Its Benefits

Things to Know about Ceramic Knife and Its Benefits

If you want to buy a new knife, then you need to consider a ceramic knife. They are very popular for some reason, such as they are lightweight, affordable, and very sharp as well. But you may wonder whether this knife is right for you. 

Anything to know about ceramic knife

If you are looking for a versatile tool, then the answer is not. On another side, you want to buy a new knife with a wear-resistant blade and slice precisely, then this knife can be your best investment. Keep reading this article to understand what to know first before you buy it. 

They have made from ceramic 

You should know that it is not the same ceramic to make your coffee mug or plates. The most common ceramic for your knife is zirconium oxide which is also called zirconia. This material is very hard, even harder than carbon steel and stainless steel as well. So, your knife never is rust and does not absorb any smell at all. 

They are very light 

You will notice that this knife is lightweight when compared to other steel counterparts. Ceramic knives are around half of the weight of steel knives. It makes these knives easy to handle, but you should know that ultralight is not always ideal for you. They may look so easy to use at first, but when you work with many veggies, then your arm and hand will do most of the work if your knife is lightweight. 

They are very sharp 

They may look and feel like fancy plastic items, but these knives are very sharp. They will stay sharp for a long time and if you can take care of them, then you can have them for a long time. When they start to dull, they are pretty hard for the home sharpener, so you need to get help from professionals. 

Ceramic knives are not a replacement knife for a chef

You should know that this knife cannot replace the chef’s knife. They are great for certain things. Nothing can cut through cold butter like this knife – it will cut through your hot butter. So, if you do many precision things with your veggies and fruits, then you will need this knife. You can buy it if you want to get a perfect citrus twist. However, if you are looking for an all-purpose knife, this knife is not the best solution for you. 

They are fragile 

The hardness on these knives is very sharp and resistant to wear which makes these knives prone to break and chip. Keep in mind that they tend towards being fragile easily. It is important to avoid anything with seeds, bones as well. When you drop off your ceramic knives, you may need a new blade as. So, you have to be careful. 


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Benefits of ceramic knives than other steel knives

When you imagine the blades, you mostly think about a solid piece of high-quality stainless steel.  Most people associate ceramic with old vases with intricate flower patterns. This material has evolved during centuries to become a sharp and hard material. A ceramic knife often gets a bad reputation since they consider being weak, but it is not true. If you consider buying this knife, several benefits help you to get in that direction. 

They will stay sharp over the years 

The most important aspect of the blade is the edge or tip and how sharp the edge is. While stainless steel knives often lose their sharpness aspect pretty fast, ceramic knives will keep a sharp edge and stay sharp for a long time. As mentioned before, Zircon is the main material of these knives and it makes them harder than steel blades. When the blade may lose the edge a bit, most ceramic knife companies will sharpen your knives for free as well. 

Rust-free knives

Rust always occurs when iron alloys corrode because of oxygen and water. Since ceramic blades do not have any steel or metal materials, then they will be free from rust forever. You do not have to worry that rust will damage your favorite knife. 

They are cleaner

You should know that steel knives have big pores that allow any dirt and grime to stick out to the materials. Since ceramic has tiny pores, it is easy to clean and remove any dirt as well. 

There is no chemical agent or property 

If you use steel knives to cut your foods, some chemical properties make your food has a kind of metallic taste. It does not happen on ceramic knives since they do not have the same properties. Although they are not all-purpose knives for hardcore cutting, ceramic knives are better for specialization. It is better to have at least one in your kitchen. Metal properties tend to make your food have a metallic taste. 


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Why you will love ceramic knives

There is one thing that this knife is perfect for – it can chop and slice fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well. Their ceramic blades are so thin and sharp, even it can slice through anything, such as butter, tomatoes, onions, celery, avocadoes, and so on. Anytime you use it, you feel like you have used a high-quality and newly sharpened knife. As mentioned before that this knife will last sharp for a long time. 

You should know the best way to sharpen your ceramic knives by using a special diamond sharpening tool. Of course, you still have and use metal knives as well. There are certain things that your steel knife can do those ceramic knives cannot do, such as cutting frozen foods and bones. You should know that ceramic knives are easily broken and brittle. 

Although they have sharper edges for a long time, you may find them in a professional kitchen since they are easily broken and cannot be fixed like steel blades. After you know this information, you can consider buying a ceramic knife for some reason first.