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Tips to Choose Best Emergency Food Storage and How to Store it

Tips to Choose Best Emergency Food Storage and How to Store it

We all know that many companies offer you emergency food storage. All of them market their products as the best products. But, you have your option and preference in terms of food as well. You should know that purchasing emergency food is your long-term investment, so you have to be careful. 

Tips to choose the best emergency food storage 

Deciding your family’s needs first 

So, you can start with a bit of brainstorming first. You can imagine your life in the present time facing a post-disaster situation. What kind of scenario that you look for in this situation. The first thing that comes up in your mind is to take care of your basic needs along with the needs of your family, colleagues, friends, or anyone who is with you at that time. It means that hunger takes first place in your top needs, thus you have to ask several questions first, such as how many people in your home, does anyone have a special allergy or diet, what ages are people inside your home, etc. You should know that each scenario will look a bit different from what you have anticipated, but it has ideas on what can mostly happen in the future and help you to decide what things to prepare. 

Consider about terms of calories per day and person 

Keep in mind that stress situations will need more calories. In a normal situation, adults will need around 2000 to 2600 calories per day, even more, if they are active. Children will need around 1500-1600 calories per day or more to maintain their energy and growth. Ensure that you know how many calories per day per person that you want to buy. 


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You cannot rely on the number of servings only 

You should know that not all those servings are made equal. Serving per person can be a bit tricky if they are not clear about the serving size and what things to include. Make sure that you always feel comfortable with what your supplier means about serving per person. Keep in mind that the serving size is not always consistent from one supplier to others as well. 

Know what foods you want to cook 

You have to anticipate what type of cooking you want to do after a period of difficulty or during an emergency. If you love to cook or even bake, you can save money by purchasing some basics such as rice, milk, wheat, eggs, dried vegetables, and so on. It offers you with better flexibility for menu selections, and this is the best way to avoid any menu fatigue. If you prefer to add water options, you can save your time and heat resources by using freeze-dried meals as well. If you want to heat and eat it without adding water, then you can buy what the military usually uses. 

You do not look at the price only 

Not all food storage manufacturers are the same. The products will be always on sale and they may not be at your price. You should not decide the price based on calories per day, per net weight, cans per case, and more. It may be a situation where you cannot get the best value for your money. So, when you want to buy emergency food storage, you should not rely on the price only.

Tips to store your emergency food 

Storing foods to prepare emergencies is necessary, but keeping your food supply for other unexpected situations also helps you to avoid a crisis in your home. There are several tips on how to store your emergency food to keep yourself and people that you love. 

You can build up slowly 

You can buy a bit extra each week to build your food emergency. Instead, it helps you to spread the cost this way helps you to avoid having a large number of expired foods at the same time. However, it is all depending on your situation and location, you may want to get a food supply which can last for a few months or years. 

Store your food wisely 

Although you may want to store some food supplies in your home, you can keep other items, such as canned foods in self-storage that provide an additional layer of protection. If the area around your home gets damaged, but the storage located is fine, you still have a food supply. 

Always rotate your items 

Rather than let your food supply sit inside your home, you can mix it to your menu now, even just once in a week. To make your item always stay organized. If you have many canned foods, you need to locate the expired foods on the tip. As you will buy more food supplies, then you need to locate new foods at the back of your shelf. This way helps you to know which foods you need to use next. 

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Always keep your mind healthy 

It is possible to eat nutritious foods during emergencies. You can buy some vegetables, such as carrots, green beans, and mushrooms. You can stock up canned vegetables as well. There are some healthy food sources, such as canned salmon, tuna, chicken, crab, and shrimp. You can consider purchasing processed foods in containers, such as bags, plastic jars, and boxes that may not be as long as canned foods as well. You have to find some items, such as cereal, butter, cooked rice, and ready-to-eat foods. 

Be focused on safety 

To get extra protection, you can store your foods in sealed plastic containers. You should know that the temperature in your storage unit is very important. The fluctuating temperatures can shorten the food lifespan and extreme humidity can damage your goods, so you have to consider the climate-controlled storage unit. Ensure that you always monitor your supplies by checking the expiration date and remove any foods which have been damaged. Read this article to give you some tips about how to choose the best emergency food storage and how to store your goods can be your best solution. and don't forget to always check for best reference about cooking